My Ice Prince

Книга - My Ice Prince

Из серии: #3

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My Ice Prince
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When you’re 18 and living under strict rules designed to hide the existence of vampires from humans, your life is full of taboos. But taboos are meant to be broken. That’s what young vampire Misha Mroczek thinks. Breaking the resistance of her parents, she enters Oxford, where she finally begins to live independently. And only one condition was set by her parents: not to interact with some Frederick Haraldson. But, as bad luck goes, this gloomy type appeared in Misha’s life like a devil out of a snuffbox and turned everything upside down.

Возрастное ограничение: 18+
Дата написания: 2023 г.
Объём: 620 стр.
На с 31.08.2023