Maria (GB English)

Книга - Maria (GB English)

Maria (GB English)
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The novel is mainly about the troubled love relationship between two young people: Efraín, a farmer in the Cauca region, and María, his adopted sister. This love story takes place in a beautiful place in Colombia.
The story of the novel follows María and Efraín and their perfect love. The places where things happen are also described: the nature in Cauca and the appearance of the farm called El Paraíso. This creates three environments, all real but seen in a special way. It is like a journey through a nostalgic world that makes love and places look magical. The end of the story changes the famous ancient tale of the Garden of Eden. In this case, it means losing the home, the loved one and the beautiful landscape.
Apart from this main story, there are also many interwoven short stories. Many are about love, just like the love of Mary and Ephraim, and take place in the same world.

Возрастное ограничение: 12+
Дата написания: 2023 г.
Объём: 320 стр.
На с 29.08.2023